At Last …


… is dying to get acquainted with you. Hug and kiss it. It’s worthwhile your precious time. At the end, you’re to be generously rewarded.

Professor Helen Risk’s lecture also included. Enjoy it.



Lesson XXVIII is another step toward concluding the teaching curriculum of Object Oriented English Language Approach made of thirty (30) lessons. Stay tuned.


To those who learn English as a second language:


by the Preservation of Diversities

While master your English you are expected to be a master of your native language already!

English is not a substitution for your native language. Far otherwise.

You need them both:

1. Your mother tongue – to enrich the fabric of human community …

2. … and English – to communicate with your mates, the inhabitants of this miraculous planet.

Oil them both.

Do not give a chance to any of them to get rusty!

Mobile Devices

About 77% of all Internet users surf the Net with one of mobile devices – predominantly mobile phones …

Such striking information makes anyone who wants to be visible on the WEB keep in mind the requirements of OSs as Android or iOS. In other words, the responsive site design has become mandatory.

At the present, the official site of the project OOELA (Object Oriented English Language Approach) is under thorough reconstruction in a sense of the requirements presented above.

Thus, we beg our visitors for understanding and patience since the site is changing on a daily base.

Yet what is not a subject to change is that the material presented here is and shall always be free of charge to those thirsty of knowledge.

We welcome you into the world of Object Oriented English,

Project leader,

Dragan Radulovic

p.s. If you are eager to become one of OOELA jolly company, click here.